The change of year or season is a time that many use to create new habits, routines, and goals. Taking advantage of the start of summer is a great time to incorporate healthy habits into our day today. Creating a morning routine is one of the best things you can do for your health and well-being. And by this I don’t mean our typical routine of getting up, showering, quick breakfast, brushing my teeth and going to work. But to a routine that serves to prepare us for the rest of the day. May it serve us to become aware and take care of ourselves.


Starting the day in a structured way has proven to have many benefits. When you healthily start your day, it’s easier for you to continue doing the same thing for the rest of the day. And it is the perfect time to incorporate good habits because the day-to-day distractions have not yet started. Sure, this, for many, will mean getting up a little earlier.

Contributes to developing self-discipline. Getting up early is not the same because you have to do it, whether for work, for classes, or something else; then doing it of your own free will to take advantage of that time and dedicate it to yourself. According to Indian Open Minds, morning routine helps start the day more positively and increases focus, motivation, and productivity.

Also, having an organized morning helps to relieve stress. Think about it, you usually get up, eat breakfast, get dressed, and leave the house in a hurry. You are starting the day in a stressful way and easily, you will continue like this the rest of the day. Get up a little earlier, take your time, do things that make you feel good and you will see the difference in your day. Also, doing the same thing every morning as soon as you get up reduces mental fatigue because you don’t have to make any decisions immediately. Try not to look at the phone at this time.

Here is what my morning routine is like:


This may seem silly and I have always been to not understand why you have to make the bed. But being productive first thing in the morning, however small, helps set the tone for the rest of the day. Plus it’s easier to feel mentally organized if things around you are too. Of course, you can make the bed whenever you want. I do it here because I know that if not the bed is going to be left undone.


Yes, yes, yes, I know I said in this post that there were many myths about lemon water and that many of its properties were exaggerated, labeling them as “miraculous”. However, I also said that, depending on the person, it could bring certain benefits. Make no mistake, it is not going to cure cancer or change your blood pH, but there are a lot of people who are doing great to go to the bathroom. I notice a lot of improvement in acne and I feel less bloated. Also, either because of the water or because of the pulp of the lemon, it makes you not need to have breakfast immediately after getting up. This gives the digestive system a chance to rest, which is always good.

I am not going to tell you that I will help you; that your acne will be reduced; or that it will improve digestion. I can only recommend that you try it for a couple of weeks, that you do not lose anything, and you are the one who values ​​the situation. Lemon or not, it is important to drink plenty of water once you get up because the body needs to rehydrate after all night. Especially in summer.


I try to do between 40 and 50 minutes of exercise series in my living room (it shows that you don’t need to go to the gym, which I know is very lazy). You can search for an exercise table online or a video on Youtube that does not require materials. Before exercising I have a piece of fruit and some coffee while I prepare breakfast for later. This usually consists of a bowl of oatmeal with cocoa, blueberries, and flax seeds.

Can’t you spend that much time on it? Do 15 intense minutes. Or do 10 minutes of stretching or yoga, depending on what your goals are. Go for a walk. If you have a dog, you may already be doing it. However, instead of seeing it as an obligation, take it as an opportunity to move your legs and breathe fresh air. If you’re still not convinced, set aside time for work or class on foot instead of taking the car. I notice that when I exercise in the morning I have more energy even though I had to get up early for it.


After exercising I meditate for 10 minutes, which is the time I can endure. If the weather works I like to do it on the outdoor terrace. I use a mobile application that has guided meditation options or just a timer with relaxing music. If meditation doesn’t convince you, set aside a little time to do whatever helps clear your mind. Read a book, take a walk, listen to music … But I would recommend that you at least try meditation for a few days and judge. Harvard University studies have shown that meditating daily helps reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and increases memory.

It costs me a lot to meditate and this is a practice that I have been doing in streaks in recent years. I have moved it throughout the day looking for the most appropriate moment without being convinced. A little over a month ago I started to introduce it here and discovered that it was the perfect time for me. It’s easier for me not to get distracted because I haven’t started doing or thinking about anything important yet. Also, practicing it immediately after exercising is very relaxing.


This is the moment when I wash my face and shower. It would be ideal to finish the shower with cold water but I will not fool you by saying that I do. It is something that I often propose to myself but in the moment of truth I end up being cowed. However, it is something to continue to aspire to, especially now that summer is coming.


My breakfasts are usually quite structured, varying during the week between oat porridge and chia seed pudding, and scrambled eggs or homemade muesli on the weekend. Although the only thing you incorporate into your routine is 10 minutes to prepare a proper breakfast (there are also many nutritious breakfasts that you can leave prepared the night before), instead of going to the quick and easy option of cookies or cereals; or to take it easy, it’s already a big step. A nutritious breakfast will help you feel less hungry throughout the morning and reduce cravings. Also, if you start the day eating healthy, it is more likely that throughout the day you want to continue choosing healthy foods.


Although it is highly recommended to have a morning routine, everyone should create their own, adapted to their lifestyle. Not everyone can get up an hour early to exercise, but you can still do 15 minutes to do a quick series of exercises or stretches, walk to work, read, meditate, or just make yourself a nutritious breakfast.

This may mean going to bed a little earlier to compensate and continue taking care of the sleep. But let’s be honest, few people do something productive at night. So cutting time from watching TV to give it to self-care is not bad. (That does not mean that you cannot watch TV, because for many that will be their time to disconnect, but consider reducing it).

Of course, if you want a complete routine, incorporating all these new hitting habits is impossible. Yes, you can do it if you set your mind to it, but chances are you will do it for a few days, get tired and leave everything. Try to incorporate little habits little by little. Choose one and aim to do it every day of the week and then add another until your routine is to your liking. Each person has a completely different lifestyle, be it for children, work, classes …

The idea is not that your routine is like mine but that you take what suits you. The important thing is that you dedicate some time to yourself to start the day with energy. Your morning routine has to work for you. Modify it until you find what fits your tastes, needs, and schedules. This time is for you, so be selfish with it.

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