Best yoga asanas for increasing height

It is very important to have a good height for a good personality. A good Height makes a person look very attractive.

Nowadays, you can not make your carer without modelling or army height. There are many people who keep taking many measures to increase their height and they get disappointment.

Here we are telling you 5 such Yogasanas, which you can easily increase your height by practicing ten minutes daily.

By doing yoga daily, our body remains stress-free and this keeps our body healthy as well as it helps in increasing our height. Yoga increases growth hormones in our body rapidly. You can practice these yoga exercises daily. A 300 hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh is a great way to learn more about yoga and meditation.

6 yoga poses for increasing height


Tadasana is considered an important posture for increasing the height rapidly. To do Tadasana, first of all, you should stand upright and put your two palms next to you by mixing your two legs together.

Then keep the whole body straight and keep the weight of your body and both legs equal. After that, bring the fingers of both the palms together and bring them above the head.

Breathe slowly while keeping the palms straight, and pull your hands upwards, this will also hurt your shoulders and chest.

With this, raise the eddy of the feet and make your balance in the fingers. Keep standing like this for a while and then take the hands up while breathing.

You must do this asana daily 8 -10 times. Performing Tadasana daily makes good exercise of the body, which pulls the muscles of the spine, chest and shoulders which helps in increasing the length.


To perform Halasana, first of all, lie down on the ground directly on the back and raise your legs and hips upwards. Now try to touch the ground below the forehead with both your feet.

In this process take a deep breath and straighten your legs while exhaling. Slowly bring the feet to the ground and then lie straight. Practicing it daily will help in increasing your length.

Also, this asana will also give you relief from gas and acidity. This asana is also very helpful in preventing hair loss.


To do Bhujangasana, first of all, lie down on your stomach and mix your eddy and claw. Your elbows should be close to your waist and the palms facing up.

Now gently bring the arm with the elbows and keep the palms under your arms, then keep the heat on the ground while pressing the chin in the neck and lift the head towards the sky while touching the nose in the ground again.

You can move the head and chest as much as possible, but the navel should remain attached to the ground. After remaining in this situation for 20 seconds, after exhaling, bring the head slowly to the ground and keep repeating this process. Along with increasing the height, this posture greatly benefits the reed bone and waist.


To perform Paschimontanasana, first of all, sit on the ground. After that, forward your legs and try to catch the toes by bending the arms forward. Repeating this asana many times will give new energy to your waist and back muscles. This posture helps in increasing the length due to the stretching of the backbone.


To perform Sarvangasana, first of all, lie down on your back. Keep your feet and body taut. Breathing slowly, raise your legs upwards.

After this, raise your waist and chest too. Then bend both hands with elbows and hold them at the waist. Hold this position for about 30 seconds and breathe normally. In addition to increasing the height, doing this asana relieves stress and fatigue and it enhances the memory and also relieves headaches and eye pain. Do this posture daily.


If the length of the children is not increasing, then doing Bhujangasana will benefit. To do this yoga, lie down on your stomach with the mouth facing downwards in a flat position. Leave all body parts loose. Then pull the toes outward. Keep both legs together. Keeping the palms of both hands equal to the chest, keep it in such a way that the elbows stick to the ground. After this, raise the elbows slowly. Also, while inhaling, raise the chest slowly by stretching the neck forward. While raising the torso, open the elbows. Lift the torso up to the navel. Try to lift the neck and chest as much as possible. Stay in this position for a while. Then come back while exhaling and leave all the limbs loose.

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