How to Know My husband’s Instagram Messages?

Social media is without the shadow of the doubt enables you to interact with the new people. Single people can easily mingle with the opposite gender if you have a cellphone device and you just need to install an instant messaging app like Instagram. It is a social messaging app that empowers people to share photos and videos with followers, friends, and loved ones.

You can view people’s comments, posts, and shared by friends and loved ones. So, it is easy to interact with someone you want to. Therefore, people in relationships are facing infidelity issues. Husbands and wives worldwide are getting involved in online dating because of having second thoughts.

So, people in a relationship want to know their partner’s Instagram messages, chats, video and voice call logs, and media sharing. All you can do with the Instagram spy app.

What is the cellphone tracking app?

It is high –tech tool is been developed and designed for the surveillance of someone’s mobile phone activities. If you are facing infidelity online then you can install it on your significant other mobile device and use its web portal tools and upload the information running on the target cellphone device. You can use dozens of features IM’s social media, screen recording, and screenshots.

Users can use view installed applications, block messages, and block internet and incoming calls. Moreover, you can use keystrokes logging, and GPS location tracking. All the features provide you instant results and you can resolve issues via online chat dedicated to customer service. The application is user –friendly and in reasonable price.


It is compatible with all the phones and tablets of Android operating systems. It works secretly even on the latest version of Android 10 and further you can get the information to the fullest.

How to install mobile phone monitoring software?

Do you think and suspicious about your husband’s loyalty on Instagram then you need to install Theonespy cellphone surveillance software? You need to visit the webpage of the platform and then subscribe phone tracking app. You will instantly receive a password and ID via an email sent to you. Now you need to get physical access on the target device and start the process of installation.

Once you have done with the process of installation then you need to activate it on the target device after a successful attempt of installation. However, you can hide the icon of the mobile monitoring app on the target device. Now you need to use the password and ID and get access to the online web portal where you can get your hands on the powerful tools that enable you to read your husband’s message on Instagram. Let’s get to know about the details and get to how to use powerful tools.

TheOnespy phone monitoring app Features to read husband’s messages on Instagram

Live screen recording

Get access to the online web control panel of the cellphone spy software and get ingress to the husband’s phone installed social media apps. It certainly empowers you to get the apps and then activate the screen recording software. It empowers you to perform live screen recording of the Instagram running on the target device in terms of short back to back video recording in a series and then deliver the videos to the online web portal. You can watch all the recordings and get to know about your husband’s social messaging app messages.


Users can use the online web portal of cellphone surveillance software and further you can capture screenshots of Instagram running on the target device. You can capture screenshots by scheduling multiple screenshots at once on the target device and get the information on social media app messages.

Keystrokes logging

Users can capture and record all the keystrokes applied to the instant messenger like Instagram. You can capture password keystrokes, messenger, and message keystrokes.

IM’s logs

Users can get access to the husband’s phone and get access as well on instant messaging apps to get the logs of messages, chat, audio-video calls, media files, and voice messages.


TheOnespy is one of the best cell phone surveillance tools that enable you to read your husband’s Instagram messages.

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