How to spy on someone’s PC with OgyMogy

Computing devices these days are very important for business organizations. Therefore, employers are transforming their business with laptop and desktop PCs. However, parents also provide laptop machines to children for educational purposes.

On the other hand, the contemporary desktop devices connected to the internet have become a headache for employers and parents respectively. Employees are used to wasting time in working hours and they have better chances to steal secret data stored on the business data on the business owned windows laptop and desktop devices.

Fishy activities of employees and inappropriate activities of children on digital computing devices are the biggest challenges for parents and employers. Therefore, they have to spy on PCs. The technology has become advanced and enables parents and employers to use OgyMogy spy software for PC.

What is OgyMogy?

It is a high tech –tool that is been developed for the surveillance of employee’s business owned laptop and desktop device and further enables you to set parental control on kid’s PCs. You can install it on your employee’s and children’s devices and upload the activities to its online dashboard. Moreover, you can use its features in terms of view installed apps, windows GPS location, on-demand screenshots; surround recording, windows keylogger, browning history, website blocking, and many more.

You can enjoy user –friendly interface and hassle-free installation process. Let’s suppose you are having issues while using this application and you need guidance. You can discuss all of your issues related to the application with its customer care service via live chat.

Spying app for PC compatibility:

It is compatible with all kinds of laptop and desktop computer devices running with the Windows operating system. You can use this tool on the latest version of PC without facing hassles.

How to install PC tracking software?

You can spy on someone’s PC for digital parenting and employee monitoring, but first, you have to get your hands on OgyMogy. You need to go to its official webpage and get the subscription online. Moreover, you will get the password and ID of the license via an email sent to you. After you have collected the password and ID you need to get physical access on the target device and start the process of installation.

Once you have ended up with the process of installation then you need to activate the windows surveillance app on the target device. Now you can use the password and ID       and get access to the online web portal.

In addition to that, you can use the credentials that you have been received via email and activate the online web control panel. Now you can use all the PC spy software tools on the target device for business safety or set parental control on kid’s devices.

Use OgyMogy spying app for PC Features

Block websites

You can use the dashboard and get access to the online web portal where you need to activate your desired feature. It will start blocking all the inappropriate or time-wasting websites. However, you need to use the keywords of the websites into the filters.

Screen recording

Users can get access to the target PC running with windows OS and further activate the live screen recorder app for PC. Moreover, you can use it to make back to back live videos of a laptop or desktop device in a sequence and then the recorded videos delivered to the online web portal. You can watch the recording and get to know what kids or employees are up to.

Surround recording

You can use its hacking features as well such as MIC bug, and camera bug. It empowers you to remotely control the target PC camera and MIC and then enable you to record and listen to the voices, conversations, and sounds. Moreover, you can capture images using its front camera.


It is the tool that delivers you all the applied keystrokes on the target laptop and desktop device such as password keystrokes, messages, messenger, and email keystrokes.

Windows GPS location

You can remotely track the location of your child or business owned laptop PC in-case lost or get theft. You can virtually get to know the pinpoint location of your PC but if you have already install OgyMogy on your lost device.


OgyMogy PC spying software is the best of the best that empowers you to monitor your kid’s and employee’s devices to the fullest. However, it does not give a clue to the target device user.

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